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A new way to develop healthy habits for kids

Receive habit suggestions, hand out small rewards and create long-term change.

How it works

Get personalized habit sugestions

Select the areas of interest for your child. Tringo will suggest some healthy habits and give you the exact steps to develop them.

Habits setup in app

Keep your child motivated

Everyone loves earning rewards. Set small rewards, positive affirmations and make habit formation fun and engaging!

Small rewards in app

No more conflicts

Tringo will do everything from nudging to reminding your children. Observe your child’s progress anytime, anywhere and approve it instantly from the app.

Track progress with reports
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About Us

""We as young adults have suffered from not having built good habits early on. Now, we want to make sure that every child has the ability to develop healthy habits while having fun and staying motivated. That's why we're passionate about Tringo.""

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